Canadian songwriter and piano-based musician Mason Chance takes influence from a wide variety of genres to create his unique blend of jazz and pop music.

 Living in Toronto ON, Chance is currently studying in Humber College’s jazz program. He quit piano lessons as a child but later taught himself to play instead, also picking up bass, drums, guitar, and anything else he could get his hands on. Some of Chance’s greatest influences include Stevie Wonder, Donald Fagen, Jamie Cullum, and Gavin Castleton, but he credits an album by American singer-songwriter and record producer Ben Folds for his return to the piano at the age of 16. 
Chance’s performance history includes many performances both as a soloist and as a bandleader.

 Chance also has a passion for film and photography, allowing him to create and edit his own videos in his home studio complete with keyboards, synths, percussion instruments and a competent selection of recording gear and software. As an embracer of technology, he delivers frequent online content in the form of YouTube videos and livestreams while also performing around Toronto at festivals such as Big on Bloor and Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival and in venues like the Rivoli, the Free Times Cafe, and 120 Diner.

 Chance released his debut EP, ‘Lost,’ on June 9th, 2017, and has released several singles since while working on his next solo EP.

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